Dermalogica Skin Bar for Anti-ageing

Course description

Focusing on anti-ageing, this workshop provides everything you need to know about your own skin. 

The 2 hour session is carried out by a representative from Dermalogica; a leading brand in results-driven skincare. Small groups of 10-12 people allow for plenty of individual help and advice.


You will learn

  • The factors that make us age more quickly and how best to manage or avoid them 
  • What happens to our skin as we age 
  • What can we do to slow down the ageing process in our skin 
  • How to make the right choices in skincare 
  • What facial treatments can do for you and which are best suited your skin's individual needs

Enquire now

£10 deposit required - fully redeemable against product purchases on the day

Additional information
All mirrors and disposables provided. Please bring your own skincare selection so we can help you to critique it.

What our graduates say

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