Recruiting a beauty therapy apprentice is easy...

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Contact us regarding your decision to employ an apprentice

Our Business Development Adviser will meet with you to discuss your options.

2. Start recruiting

Please complete the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) recruitment form and return it to us. 

You may already have an apprentice in mind. If not, you can advertise your vacancy in your usual way. IBHA will also list the vacancy on the Indeed and NAS websites. 

Once you have completed your interviews and found a suitable candidate, please notify IBHA to begin the sign up process.

3. Complete the sign up and establish an Individual Learning Plan

The apprentice will shortly begin their employment and you will need to assign a workplace mentor. 

We will arrange a sign up meeting at the workplace and agree an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP is a live document that is updated throughout the apprenticeship to ensure all parties understand their individual roles.

4. Get started!

The apprentice will attend the IBHA academy on the agreed start date. Regular review meetings will take place with the apprentice, mentor and a member of the IBHA team. During these reviews, progress against the ILP and achievement of agreed milestones will be monitored. Any issues should be discussed openly and we will help to agree an action plan to keep the apprentice focused on completing the programme successfully. The apprentice will attend 3 – 4 days’ training at IBHA per month.

Please contact us to find out more

Find out more

Interested in employing an apprentice? Here is some information to explain your options and help you get started.

What employers say

"IBHA has been instrumental in bringing Eden Hotel Collection's spa apprenticeship vision to life and integral to ensuring that we launch a quality based training provision, for this increasingly undervalued skillset. From our initial meeting, we were instantly impressed with Julie and Debbie's wealth of experience, specialist knowledge, passion for the industry and most importantly, the quality in all they do."

"We are very proud to have created the first academy of its kind in partnership with IBHA and in not only creating roles for young people new to the industry but also developing and broadening their skills outside of a traditional college environment. We greatly value the relationship with IBHA and look forward to a long and collaborative working relationship." - Lisa Redding, Head of HR for the Eden Hotel Collection, February 2019